Sir Neutron Ruffles Sherbet!

Timestamp: 1412123134


Timestamp: 1412027718

Snoopy is getting pretty good at different accents.

Timestamp: 1411957048

These are my beautiful babies, Nitro and Gypsy. :)

Timestamp: 1411915523

This is Nani, she’s almost a year old and she has a cat on her paw ^^

Timestamp: 1411822859

Met this gorgeous wee bab’ on a wall today - LOOK at them eyes!

Had I a home to bring her to, I would have been sorely tempted (but she’s also clearly just had babies and is far too affectionate to be feral, so maybe she just wanted a wander around a college today)

- hollifo

Timestamp: 1411589307


My little devil! Only angelic when asleep #buffy

Timestamp: 1411419478

I guess my kids grew up.

These are Dandy and Lily.

Timestamp: 1411338266

Max likes to bite fingers

Timestamp: 1411233718

my Sister’s kitties: Tigrou and simba ;)

Timestamp: 1411040438